Monday, June 30, 2008

A request from the Media and Joe Leisz

A friend of mine (Peggy Nitchel) from the Ames Jaycees is looking at doing a number of articles on 4-H and 4-H families in Warren and East Polk County (she’s an editor and writer with a couple of newspapers covering communities in your areas)…

Anyways, the stories she wants to profile is how the high costs of fuel and feed are affecting 4-H’ers and their families leading to the county fairs. She was thinking about those with livestock projects, but this would be a neat opportunity to share how broad 4-H is, and how transportation costs impact our other project areas – like clothing, photography, woodworking, etc. Plus, there should be a side bar about how people can help with scholarships or something. She’d also like to do a profile of a 4-H family (or families) that was affected by the flood; again we’re looking at ways to raise that long-term awareness to encourage people to help…

If you know of families that might be willing to share their stories please let me know; I can either contact them with a brief introduction, or you could do that, and we can then get the info onto Peggy. Stories would run in the next couple of weeks.

Joe Leisz
Iowa 4-H Foundation

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