Monday, September 22, 2008

An opportunity to have a Veterinary Student present to your 4-H club.

V-SMART, the Veterinary Student Mixed Animal Recruitment Team, is a student run organization started at Iowa State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. V-SMART’s primary goal is to show students the opportunities available in veterinary medicine. V-SMART hopes to recruit, guide, and mentor students towards pursuing a career in veterinary medicine with and emphasis on agriculture and animal production, especially in Iowa.
V-SMART is looking for opportunities to present to students across the state. With our interactive presentation, our group outlines:
· Life as a mixed/food animal veterinarian
· The future outlook of the veterinary profession
· The education and prerequisites for applying to veterinary school
· The reasons why being a veterinarian is such a rewarding career
If you would be interested in having V-SMART give a presentation to your 4-H clubs, teen councils, animal science clubs, county fairs, or at any relevant event, please contact us at or reply to this e-mail to schedule a presentation time. We are available to give presentations anywhere in the state and throughout the year; however, breaks in our semester, (such as early in the week of Thanksgiving, winter break, and spring break) are ideal times for our group to give presentations. V-SMART can also go to career fairs and other career-related activities your community may have.

Thank you,
Abbey Canon and Emily Meggers

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