Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I recieved the following e-mail recently, if anyone knows who these things belong to please contact her. Thanks.

Dear Mr. Heckman and Associates,

I am trying to find a lady that was in 4-H. I know that this may be a very difficult task because I do not have her name, club or years she was in 4-H.

I recently purchased a nice jewelry box from the Goodwill Store on N. W. Urbandale Drive. Upon inspecting it at home, three 4-H pins fell out from behind a little nook as well as two bracelets. There was also a tiny bit of cash.

I would very much like to have this lady contact me so I can return her treasures. Do you have a newsletter that you could advertise this problem? If some lady can describe the jewelry box, jewelry and money she thinks is gone forever, she gets it back. Goodness, she could be one of your fellow staff members!

Thank you for you assistance or suggestions.

Nola Hewus



Des Moines

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