Friday, January 23, 2009

A follow up about 4-H day with Cyclone's Women's Basketball

ISU Women’s Basketball Game FAQ

When is the last day to purchase tickets at this discounted rate?
February 26, 2009

Do I have to order the tickets online, or can I do it at a Ticketmaster location and receive the discount?
Yes, You must order the tickets online to receive the discounted rate.

How do I receive the tickets?
The only way to receive these tickets is to have them mailed to you. Timing should not be an issue with the last day to purchase tickets being Feb. 26th.

How will I be able to get the drink, hot dog and t-shirt?
You will receive two tickets for every one admission you purchase. One ticket will be your admission ticket and the other will be your coupon for the hot dog, drink and t-shirt (please note that this coupon looks like an admission ticket, so read carefully). NOTE: You must pick up your t-shirt prior to getting your hot dog and drink because the concession vendors will take that ticket in exchange for your food. Once you pick up your t-shirt, we will mark on your ticket that you have received it.

Where do I pick up my Cyclone/4-H t-shirt?
The Iowa 4-H Foundation will have a booth right inside the South doors of Hilton Coliseum. You may pick up your t-shirts right before the game. You may also make prior arrangements to pick up the t-shirts during the week prior to the game at the State 4-H office in Ames. Contact Shelly Greving if you are interested in picking up the t-shirts early.

How will you know my size for the t-shirt?
You may send your/your group’s t-shirt quantities and sizes prior to February 13th to Shelly Greving and she will make sure that your correct sizes are ordered and bundled together as a group. When you pick up your group’s t-shirts at the game, this will make it a quick and easy process for everyone. (please make sure to reference whether it is a youth or adult size)

Where should we sit at the game?
You are welcome to sit anywhere in general admission, however, we recommend that 4-Hers sit in sections 225-228 so that you may get to know other 4-Hers from across the state. This will be directly above the location of the 4-H booth inside the south doors to Hilton Coliseum and very easy to find.

How do I get tickets again?
Go to
Click on FIND TICKETS. Select the number of tickets under IOWA 4-H PROMOTION. Enter code IOWA4H to receive the discount.

For all further questions, please contact Shelly Greving at or by phone at 515-294-1607.

Go Cyclones!!

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