Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Another Community Service Opportunity

Hello Iowa Homeless Youth Center Volunteers:

How are you? I hope well when this email finds you. I am trying something new. I want to share with you that I have started a Reggie’s Sleepout volunteer team on the website. I want to thank you for your time and talents and sharing them with Iowa Homeless Youth Centers. Your time and talents allow us to expand our programming and stretch our resources.

I would like your support for Reggie’s Sleepout! There are two ways you can help out in 2008 and help make this event a success!

First, you can help out by volunteering at the 2008 Third annual Reggie’s Sleepout. Attached is the Reggie’s Sleepout volunteer sign-up. This form can be emailed back to me or faxed to me at 515-266-8377. You can also sign up as a volunteer by going to the website at and “clicking” on the button on the left hand side “ Register to Volunteer”.

Second, you can join the Iowa Homeless Youth Centers Volunteers team by going to the website. If you are not starting your own team, I would like for you to consider being on the Iowa Homeless Youth Centers Volunteers team. You can join this team by going to, click on button on left hand side titled “Register to Sleepout” and follow the instructions. Click on “Join a Team” and scroll down and click on Iowa Homeless Youth Centers Volunteers team.

Volunteers can do incredible things. A $5 dollar donation will allow Iowa Homeless Youth Centers to purchase basic food needs such as bread, eggs, milk, and juice on a weekly basis for young people living at the Buchanan and Lighthouse facilities.

Your donation will be matched by the Richard O. Jacobson Foundation for every dollar you give up to $50,000. This is the second time he has offered the matching challenge grant.

I hope you will consider your time and a little of your financial resources to make the third annual Reggie’s Sleepout a memorable event!

Hope to see you there.

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